Cannabis and coconut oil – a powerful combination

The combination of cannabis and coconut oil makes for a very potent medicine. Both coconut oil and cannabis have been criticized for years. Yet both have amazing healing properties which can help with a number of conditions.

Coconut oil has been maligned for decades as a dangerous saturated fat that leads to things like elevated cholesterol, obesity, heart disease and more. Yet, recent research on native populations such as the Tokelauan and Kitavan people of the South Pacific shows that these people are among the healthiest in the world. They practically live on coconut oil and instead of having clogged arteries, obesity and heart disease, the exact opposite is true.

Natural health benefits

Benefits of coconut oil intake include good heart health, weight loss promotion, immune system support and youthful skin – and the oil is a great energy source. Coconut oil is also one of the world’s greatest antivirals, antibacterials and antifungals. It contains a very high amount of lauric acid – which is highly beneficial for the human immune system.

Cannabis, of course, has been maligned as a dangerous drug with “no currently accepted medicinal use.” Only in recent years has it become decriminalized, and people everywhere are realizing its great therapeutic value for a huge variety of conditions.

Combining coconut oil and cannabis

One of the easiest, safest and healthiest ways to ingest medical marijuana is to infuse it with coconut oil. There are several different ways to do this, and the end result is a cannabinoid-packed medicine that can be incorporated into just about any type of food. Cannabis and coconut oil can be combined and swallowed in easy-to-make capsules, stirred into a warm beverage or applied topically on the skin. It is this versatility that makes marijuana-infused coconut oil so popular.

Even when just taking a pea-sized amount of cannabis medicinally, take it with a little bit of raw coconut oil. This is said to increase the bio-availability of the cannabis. Taking a suppository in this can also speed up the activation process while prolonging the effects. Suppositories are efficient; up to 70 percent of the medicinal compounds in a suppository are bio-available.

Coconut oil is fairly inexpensive, but make sure you buy a good, organic product. It is easy to work with at room temperature since it solidifies. Considering the combined health benefits of coconut oil and cannabis make it the best oil for making cannabis-infused capsules.

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