Meditation combined with essential oils from Satureja genre found to ease anxiety

Aromatherapy using the essential oil of Satureja brevicalyx and S. boliviana, coupled with mindfulness meditation can relieve anxiety. This was the finding of a study published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine. It wanted to check if this alternative way of reducing anxiety actually works.

  • The experiment involved 108 people divided into six groups. One was the control group, the remaining five the experimental groups.
  • The aromatherapy group inhaled essential oils while those under the intervention program focused on “flow meditation.”
  • Anxiety index was measured using the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) before and after the test.
  • The anxiety level dropped when aromatherapy and mindfulness meditation were practiced.
  • Materials used in the study consisted of leaves from the S. brevicalyx plant that was found in Peru. Researchers extracted essential oils from the powdered plant material.
  • The essential oils were studied using various means like visual interpretation, computer library search, among others.
  • Researchers offered a free meditation and aromatherapy course to get participants. The 108 participants consisted of males and females between the ages of 18 and 45.
  • A State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI), made up of two self-report scales to determine two types of anxiety, was used.
  • A portion of the said evaluation tool shows the subjects’ general feelings, while another part describes his emotions at a given time.
  • Anxiety levels dropped when participants applied essential oils because the substances have linalool, which have sedation and hypnotic effects.
  • Reduced anxiety in the group that practiced mindful meditation was attributed to a relaxed attitude that concentrated on the present, developed an accepting attitude and patience in dealing with negative feelings and thoughts.
  • More research is required to understand how aromatherapy and meditation combine to help humans deal with day-to-day anxiety.

Aromatherapy and mindfulness were found to reduce anxiety. Essential oils, on the other hand, can offer an alternative to aromatherapy as a tool for fighting anxiety.

Journal Reference

Soto-Vasquez M, Alvarado-Garcia, P. MEDITATION COMBINED WITH ESSENTIAL OILS FROM SATUREJA GENRE FOUND TO EASE ANXIETY. Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine. Jan. 2017. DOI:








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