Bitter ginger: Exploring its antifungal and antimycotoxin properties

A study published in the Journal of Essential Oil Research found that oil extracted from bitter ginger (Zingiber zerumbet) contains antifungal and antimycotoxin properties. In the study, bitter ginger oil was studied against fungal species Aspergillus flavus and A. ochraceus.

  • For the study, researchers from India treated A. flavus and A. ochraceus with bitter ginger oil.
  • The researchers found that the principal compound in bitter ginger oil is zerumbone, followed by alpha-caryophyllene and trace of other compounds.
  • The treatment with bitter ginger oil significantly inhibited mycelia, spore germination, reduction in biomass, carbohydrate, protein, chitin, and genetic constituents.
  • The inhibitory action of bitter ginger oil involves damage the cell wall and distorting the metabolism of A. flavus and A. ochraceus.
  • In addition, bitter ginger oil exhibited an antimycotoxin effect on maize as food substrates.

In conclusion, these findings suggest that bitter ginger oil may be used as a biopreservative because of its antifungal and antimycotoxin properties.

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Journal Reference:

Madegowda BH, Rameshwaran P, Nagaraju NP, Murthy PS. IN-VITRO MYCOLOGICAL ACTIVITY OF ESSENTIAL OIL FROMZINGIBER ZERUMBETRHIZOMES. Journal of Essential Oil Research. 2015; 28(1): 81-88. DOI: 10.1080/10412905.2015.1079274

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